“Opyrus Writer Conversations” is a monthly series featuring a wide variety of authors who will be interviewed by, Sara Crispe, Chief Content Creator of Opyrus. During the one-hour zoom call, the featured author will provide writing advice and guidance, share his or her journey as an author and be available to answer your questions.

Click Here for our video interview with Inette Miller

Girls Don’t: A Woman’s War in Vietnam

Our first featured author is Inette Miller who is a national and international journalist, lecturer and writing workshop teacher. She has published three memoirs and one collection of personal essays. Each memoir defines a pivotal, transformative life juncture—within late 20th century cultural events. Her memoirs have been produced as feature film, translated into half a dozen languages and honored with national awards. She is a member of the Authors Guild.

Part of the interview with Inette will focus on her latest book, Girls Don’t, an incredible first-hand account from one of the few female reporters on the front lines during the Vietnam War. Girls Don’t is what happens when a 23-year-old feminist makes her way into the land of machismo. This is a war story, a love story and an open-hearted confessional within the burgeoning women’s movement, chronicling its demands and its rewards.

Click Here to listen to our audio only interview with Inette Miller

Click Here for our video interview with Inette Miller