“Opyrus Writer Conversations” is a monthly series featuring a wide variety of authors who will be interviewed by, Sara Crispe, Chief Content Creator of Opyrus. During the one-hour zoom call, the featured author will provide writing advice and guidance, share his or her journey as an author and be available to answer your questions.

Industry leader from Scholastic, Prentice Hall and Pearson!

Following his MA from Harvard, Bruce Butterfield joined Golden Press to manage the world’s largest children’s book program. He then became Publisher for Scholastic and later joined Pearson as President of Longman Publishing Group – expanding his role in educational publishing from K-12 to college & adult ed. He next joined Paramount/Viacom/Simon & Schuster as President of Prentice Hall Regents, the world’s largest publishing company in English language instruction for preschool through adult ed. He now heads The Wittfield Group focused on education and publishing. He helped establish FastPencil, a writing and publishing tool that is part of OPYRUS and is a Board Advisor to OPYRUS and its LIFEWRITE charitable projects – as well as NOAH TEXT, an innovative leader in reading literacy.

Bruce has extensive and unique experience, insight and guidance in the world of publishing that we are thrilled to have him share with all of you. He knows what it takes to make a best-seller and he knows the power of everything that is both written and read in transforming lives.