Perfect for the beach, but fun anywhere, this tote is stocked with 11 colorful beach toys including a bucket, watering can, rake, shovel, sand molds, and more. Parents love that the toys all fit in their very own easy-to-carry tote that features a mesh panel that lets air in and gets the sand out. Recommended for little ones 18 months and up, these toys will help improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and are made for fun.

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  • The back window is also provided within the tent to ensure proper ventilation and remain cool.
  • All our umbrellas and beach tents have high UPF factors so that will protect you from the hot Aussie sun.
  • Above this, the tent fabric is highly eco-friendly and non-toxic, ensuring that it is highly safe for the kids.
  • Pick a beach tent that can accommodate the baby and their siblings, and maybe even the parents.
  • The heat, wind, and sand particles will affect them negatively.
  • When you’re looking for a baby beach tent, check if the tent has SPF protection so that when the baby is relaxing in the tent, they’re safe from harmful rays.

My friend Cindy at One Part Sunshine has a greatblog post that addresses the “no sunscreen for babies under six months” issue. Nate pointed out that it’s not wise to assume that a baby bouncer $10 piece of plastic will adequately protect a $100 camera, which is why we’ve never attempted actual underwater shots. I just wanted to add a link to a portable shade option i got last year.

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However, its snap-up technology had more tension than the others, causing this tent’s setup to require a bit more muscle. Our only other complaint is that it was slightly more difficult to get back in the bag compared to the other tents. Just remember, this umbrella is only six feet in diameter so it’s better for smaller groups. Though the Coolibar was on the high end of the umbrella price range, if you’re willing to spend close to $90 on an umbrella instead of around $50, this is a quality investment. The Sport-brella is easy to put up and is extremely sturdy.

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A transparent sheet covers the front of the tent, which lets you keep an eye on the baby. The inside of the tent may get crammed for the little one if you place baby’s essentials, like clothes and a diaper bag. There is a mesh cover on the sides of the tent to allow the circulation of the air and also improve visibility. This tent from Sunba is ideal for parents who dislike spending a lot of time in opening and installing a tent.

Easily narrow your search and find the product that’s perfect for you. This is another interesting baby beach tent with an extra feature. Baby beach tents are ideal for protecting your kids from direct heat and sand mess. Moreover, it gives your kid a perfect place for playing on the beaches. So, here we have reviewed some of the best beach tents for babies that you can buy.

Neso Grande Sunshade Beach Tent By Neso

Several items came within 2 weeks everything came within a month. Purchasing a good quality rash guard swimming suit for your baby is definitely worth it! A long sleeve suit is perfect for the beach, since it’ll protect your baby from the sun. This beach tent is awesome for taking baby to the beach. Summer newborns need extra shielding from the elements, but can still enjoy a day by the ocean with the Nido Mini (appx. $80).

But honestly, we think that’s a benefit as well because you get a 360º view of the sand and ocean – you can stay safe from the sun and enjoy the full beach day experience. If you’re looking for a tent and a beach umbrella all in one, this XL option is the way to go. It features a 9-foot UPF 50+ canopy that’s supported by steel ribs and wind gust relief vents, so it’s sure to withstand gusty days on the beach. We also love the extra details like oversized storage pockets and side flaps for full sun protection.