Inette Miller was a national and international journalist for sixteen years – a war correspondent for Time magazine in Vietnam and Cambodia. She is the author of the very successful BURNING BRIDGES, produced as an ABC Movie of the Week and translated into a half dozen foreign languages. She has appeared widely on major network news and talk shows – here and abroad. She has taught her powerful Writing to Find Your Voice workshop across the country. She is the recipient of Associated Press awards, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts fellowships, and is a long-standing member of the Authors Guild.

The Return Voyage

The Return Voyage

What Does Happily Ever After Look Like?

‘Iokepa is a Native Hawaiian, who relinquished “everything I’d worked for all my life” to embrace his aboriginal identity and reawaken his ancestral culture.

Inette is a Jewish woman, who surrendered a privileged writer’s life to join him, camping on Hawaiian beaches with little food and no money, and walking the paths of his ancestors.

Together, they packed all they owned into three suitcases and began their ancestor-driven Return Voyage across America. Their message: what Native Hawaiians lived for 12,000 years – ritual practices that prevented war – have profound implications for the 21st century.

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