A thought capsule of the COVID-19 pandemic with over 80 pieces from both first-time writers and veteran authors

The LifeWrite Project utilizes the written word to raise funds for charitable causes while exploring timely and important issues through perspectives of those around the world.

Its first project, The Corona Silver Linings Anthology, represents a thought capsule of the COVID-19 pandemic and has over 80 pieces from both first-time writers and veteran authors who share their life-affirming stories and reflections of this global pandemic.

“Each piece will touch you in a unique way while tapping into universal truths and connecting us together a little more closely,” said Sara Esther Crispe, Executive Director of The LifeWrite Project. “Words from the heart enter the heart. And these pieces will most definitely do that.”

A number of high-profile authors and celebrities, including Ridley Pearson (Peter and the Starcatchers) and Guy Gilchrist (The Muppets), have joined the cause and have publicly announced their support of The LifeWrite Project, submitting their pieces to the book.

“We all have unique experiences and stories to share. We are providing a way to give permanence to these voices,” said Arthur Gutch, CEO of Opyrus. “This project will greatly impact the lives of the readers of this anthology, the writers, and all those who will benefit from the funds raised from this and future projects.”

The softcover book is currently available on Amazon.

To learn more about The LifeWrite Project, The Corona Silver Linings Anthology and the current project open for submissions: The Warriors Share Anthology, visit the Opyrus website: https://opyrus.com/the-lifewrite-project/

About The LifeWrite Project
LifeWrite Inc. is the non-profit initiative of Opyrus.com and publishes anthologies on meaningful issues, encouraging people to tap into their power to write and share their unique stories with the world. Our projects collaborate with charities with initiatives related to the topic, so that each anthology becomes an opportunity to raise not only awareness, but needed funds to help others.

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