WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. November 23, 2020

The LifeWrite Project, the non-profit initiative of Opyrus, a self-betterment platform to encourage everyone to find the writer within, has opened submissions for its second publication. This news follows the successful completion of its first publication, The Corona Silver Linings Anthology.

The LifeWrite Project’s second initiative is The Warriors Share Anthology, an anthology written by warriors or about warriors, the lessons they learned, the strength and resilience they displayed, the heroes they were and encountered and the message they have for us all.

“Some serve by choice. Some serve by draft. But all who serve dedicate their mind, body and soul, and unfortunately at times even their life, to protecting others,” said Arthur Gutch, CEO of Opyrus. “We want to encourage and support those who are fighting for their land, their people and their freedoms to express themselves through the written word.”

The LifeWrite Project is currently accepting essays and poems for The Warriors Share Anthology from those currently serving, veterans, or friends and family of soldiers about their experience. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of The Soldiers Share Anthology will be donated to an organization that helps veterans.

Learn more about The LifeWrite Project and guideline submissions for The Warriors Share Anthology by visiting the Opyrus website: https://opyrus.com/warriors-share/

About Opyrus
Opyrus is an inspiring and supportive workspace for authors and those on their journey to become authors. Opyrus enables people to grow, collaborate and create as well as market, distribute and print their unique experience and stories.

About The LifeWrite Project
The LifeWrite Project by Opyrus is a nonprofit organization utilizing the written word to raise funds for charitable causes. Its first initiative was The Corona Silver Linings Anthology, a written time capsule sharing the thoughts, feelings and experiences of writers throughout the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.