Take Five


In a few sentences or less, write down what is weighing you down the most in your life right now that you desperately want to change.

{Ninja Form Step 1}

Now write five words describing how you feel when you think about this challenge, problem or situation.

Here are some words that may help describe your feelings:
Fearful / Stressed / Anxious / Uncertain / Insecure / Unclear / Confused / Overwhelmed / Depressed / Scared / Alone / Panicked / Pained / Misunderstood / Judged / Crushed / Lost / Shocked

[Ninja Form Field]

{Ninja Form Step 2}

Take five deep breaths in and out. As you inhale, focus on your ability to bring air into your lungs. Feel grateful for that breath and recognize how your breath represents life. Remind yourself that if you are breathing, that is the proof that there is hope. That things can change. That you have a chance and opportunity that is the greatest gift of all. You are alive.

As you exhale, feel your body relaxing. Allow the tension to dissolve from your neck, your shoulders, your stomach. With each exhale, think about how much lighter you feel. That just as you can breathe out and let that air leave your body, so too these issues and concerns can leave you as well.

Now write down five words to describe how you want to feel.

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{Ninja Form Step 3}

For each of the words describing how you want to feel, write down one very practical thing you can do, starting TODAY, to achieve that feeling.

These do not need to be actions that will solve the issue or problem you are facing, but can be things that will allow you to experience the feelings and emotions that you just wrote that you want to feel.

[Ninja Form Field]

{Ninja Form Step 4}

For the next five minutes, and five minutes ONLY, you are going to write. Again, I don’t want you to edit. I don’t want you to overthink. I actually don’t want you to really think at all, but rather to just write whatever comes out. However it comes out. And I want you to limit it to five minutes to see exactly what you can express in such a short amount of time. I know you could likely keep going. Or maybe you are concerned that you won’t be able to last the full five minutes, but set a timer or look at your watch and keep it to five minutes only.

I want you to write about your life with this challenge resolved. How will you feel? How will your life look differently? What lessons will you say you learned from having gone through this once that you have made it to the other side?

[Ninja Form Field]

Read aloud what you wrote. Listen to the words you chose and help bring them to life by saying them and speaking a future reality where you will no longer be stuck by this current challenge. See how it will feel to be in a place that you are not yet at.

{Ninja Form Step 5}

Write five words describing how you are feeling right now. Are they different than the five words you began with? If yes, pay attention to that. If no, go back to Step 7 and do one of the things you listed. Now. Then after doing that, re-answer this question.

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