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“The new Opyrus opportunity is great. As a non-fiction self-help author, writing books has changed my life and I know my books have favorably changed the lives of others around the world. Allow me to supply you with 5 euro bonus casino. With Opyrus planning to tap into the millions of would-be authors to help them get started, this will be wonderful for each of the many aspiring writers and all those they can touch through their words, spirit and inspiration. Before I wrote my first book, an author friend motivated me with his words to “Just write!” That nudge made the difference. Now, with Opyrus, this same nudge is available to all who are considering sharing their thoughts through books created with the help of the Opyrus team. Just start with Opyrus and write!”

Artie Lynworth

“Opyrus has created a new way to look at writing. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s not just one story. No matter who you are and where you are in your life, having the resources to not only understand how to become an author but why! Opyrus is for anyone considering taking the leap or is looking for new opportunities to continue to make their mark on the world.”

Paul Casper

“If you have a story in you, if you have tales to tell, if your or someone else’s life has been interesting so far, if those with whom you surround yourself continue to suggest memorializing one or more aspects of your personal or professional experiences (or both), Opyrus is the way to go about it. It’s a new user-friendly site for fledgling writers OR seasoned authors who want to write about what’s important to them, and in their own words. The new WritingLight and Caravan community provide an excellent means to learn, collaborate and share one’s interests throughout life, the good and the bad of it, and in the author’s own language, for the lasting written enjoyment and benefit of others.”

James R. Fitzgerald, M.S., Supervisory Special Agent, FBI (Ret.) Profiler/Forensic Linguist
Author: A Journey to the Center of the Mind – Books I, II, III

“The very root, soul, and purpose of the Opyrus vision harmonizes perfectly with my own decades-long journalism and authorial experience. Why do we write? We write because it is the singular way that we understand our world and the world around us. We write to affirm, unravel and appreciate this adventure that we call life. Opyrus accompanies us on that journey.”

Inette Miller, Inette is an award-winning national and international journalist – a war correspondent for Time in Vietnam and Cambodia.