Opyrus, a self-betterment platform on a mission to inspire, guide and enable people to tap their power to write, become an author and change their world, recently announced the launch of The LifeWrite Project, a nonprofit organization utilizing the written word to raise funds for charitable causes.

The LifeWrite Project’s first initiative is The Corona Silver Linings Anthology, a written thought capsule of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to give people around the world the opportunity to have their voice heard by providing an outlet to contribute life affirming stories and reflections.

“We all have unique experiences and stories to share. We are providing a way to give permanence to these voices,” said Arthur Gutch, CEO of Opyrus. “Not only will this project greatly impact the lives of the writers, but also the lives of all those that will benefit from the donations for their submissions.”

The LifeWrite Project is accepting pieces for The Corona Silver Linings Anthology starting at the $15 donation tier. A paperback edition of the anthology will be provided to donors at the $100 donation tier and a hardcover edition of the anthology will be provided to donors at the $250 donation tier.

The majority of proceeds will be donated to select charity organizations who support people in need during the pandemic, and a number of high-profile authors and celebrities have joined the cause and have publicly announced their support of The LifeWrite Project, including Ridley Pearson (Peter And the Starcatchers) and Guy Gilchrist (The Muppets).

Learn more about The LifeWrite Project and guideline submissions for The Corona Silver Linings Anthology by visiting the Opyrus website: https://opyrus.com/the-lifewrite-project/

About Opyrus
Opyrus is an inspiring and supportive workspace for authors and those on their journey to become authors. Opyrus enables people to grow, collaborate and create as well as market, distribute and print their unique experience and stories.

About The LifeWrite Project
The LifeWrite Project by Opyrus is creating a written time capsule sharing the thoughts, feelings and experiences of writers throughout the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an opportunity for people to give permanence to their life-affirming expressions that represent the best of humanity when challenged.